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The Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Oxford, although he is not convinced that he is the real culprit, begins to search for Richard Blaney, and he, despite knowing himself innocent, is forced to hide and flee from the police. However, it will be his friend Bob Rusk, who works in the London grocery market, who offers to hide him. After decades working in Hollywood, Alfred Hitchcock returned to his native England to shoot this excellent suspense where he once again recreates the theme of the false culprit. A criminal plot written by Anthony Shaffer, the screenwriter of “The Footprint”, which presents the case of several women strangled by a sex maniac. The film has its good doses of very subtle humor (like that beginning in which talking about the contamination of the Thames, a corpse is discovered floating on its waters, and where Hitchcock himself appears as a spectator of the rally), a suspense that catches the audience. viewer from the first moment and anthological sequences such as the one that shows Barry Foster’s efforts to hide the corpse of one of his victims in a sack of potatoes. TCM (VM SUB) Wed18 12:45

Frenético (Frantic) Cinema / Suspense 115 min. 1988 USA D: Roman Polanski I: Emmanuelle Seigner, John Mahoney, Harrison Ford, Betty Buckley and Jimmy Ray Weeks During their honeymoon 20 years ago, Dr. Richard Walker and his wife Sondra fell in love with Paris . Now a medical conference gives them a chance to relive their romance with the city … and with each other. An aimless ride in a rickety taxi and the noisy bustle of the French capital stretching at dawn have given way to the elegance of the Grand Hotel. When Richard Walker gets into the shower, he sees his wife lying languidly on the bed. When he comes out, the room is empty and his wife’s wet robe is on top of the bedspread. Next to it is a suitcase … which is not his. After the initial surprise, he begins to ask. No one has seen his wife and the police doubt that it is a kidnapping. Dr. Walker finds himself totally alone, a foreigner in an unknown land, who decides to investigate for himself who and why his wife was kidnapped. He descends into the world of prostitution in Paris, where he meets an unexpected guide, a beautiful young Parisian who holds the key to the mystery of his wife’s disappearance.